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Memphis Belle Coffee House - Wellington

Mike Black
Mike Black
A casual 8 layer tulip.
A casual 8 layer tulip.
Flight at the Foodshow.
Memphis sandwiches.
Steve brewing a Syphon.
Richard roasting the best coffee.

Memphis Belle Coffee House is a specialty coffee house with ridiculously good baristas on Dixon St in Wellington, built and run by Flight Coffee with it's dedicated team of attractive coffee nerds.

A range of blends and single origin coffees are available, paired with the best brewing method for each. You can have your coffee via syphon, chemex, V60, swiss gold, cold drip, and of course award winning espresso. Much more than your usual cafe, this is the place to go to experience the progress in Wellington coffee culture.

Cupping sessions (professional tastings) are held every Wednesday evening, and are very popular. Just call to register.

Not bragging or anything (a little bit though), but check out these recent awards: - Best ethically traded coffee in New Zealand - NZ Coffee Awards 2011-2012 - Best Cafe in Wellington - Capital Awards 2011 - Best Cafe in Wellington - Capital Times 2010 & 2011 - Best Barista in Wellington - Capital Times 2011 - Best Barista in Wellington - World Barista Championship 2011 - Flight Coffee exists to develop excellent people and outstanding coffee. We do this through a culture of progression, awareness, and geekdom.

If you own a cafe, or are looking to open one soon, by choosing us as your supplier you get access to the most delicious ethically traded coffee in NZ (the NZ Coffee Awards is a blind taste test) and extremely knowledgeable trainers who can ensure your coffee is the best on your street, guaranteed.

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