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Butlers Chocolate Cafe - Wellington

Kirsty Harman
Kirsty Harman

Do you love chocolate? Then you’re sure to love Butlers Chocolate Cafe, as hands down they do the best hot chocolate in town and the drinks even come with a free handmade chocolate.

They have coffee, food and enough handmade Irish chocolates to make any discerning chocolate lover’s head spin. But my staple is the cookie hot chocolate. Yes, I was sceptical too, but one sip and I was hooked.

Upstairs there is a cool view of a range of old buildings, from gothic church to art deco.

The chocolates make a great gift too, if you can resist them long enough that is...

Address - 103 Willis Street, Wellington, New Zealand Price - Mid Range Open hours - Mon - Fri 7am to 6pm, Sat 8.30am to 5pm, Sun 10.00am to 5pm Phone - (04) 472 7630 Email - Wheelchair accessible - Yes Kid/families - Yes Unlicensed No customer parking

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