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Winged Migration Breaks New Heights

Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose
Recommended: Winged Migration
Recommended: Winged Migration

For over four years, two directors and a crew of 500 people traveled across the globe to capture some of the most startling, beautiful images of migrating birds you will ever see set to film.

National Geographic can’t hold a candle to this film as you will certainly get a closer look at bird life than you've ever seen before. Amazing cinematography and subtle narration provides a tremendously inspiring look into the real way it must feel to fly.  

There is also an unspoken message which can be found in the director’s underlying intention of the film.  Although it cannot be heard, it can still be profoundly felt.

In Winged Migration, the birds are simply amazing in flight and the film provides close up photography that really allows you see just how difficult it is to stay in the air for long periods of time. The viewer also follows different flocks of cranes, geese, penguins, pelicans and many other species as they fly from south to north, over wilderness, urban areas, farms and then back again. 

They overcome inclement weather and physical exhaustion just in order to survive and there are thoughts which you will have about these birds which have never crossed your mind before.  In fact, you really feel like you are right there with them in the air as they go and this really becomes cause for reflection about the wide open world of nature. 

This film has the mystical effect of moving the viewer into another state of mind that is also both calming and inspiring.

Flight isn’t the only thing that is addressed in this great film. Through the amazing talents of these directors, it quickly becomes apparent that birds will commonly use their wings for more than just flying and a whole new world of nature is son revealed. The wings communicate attitudes and ideas to the other birds so that a whole inner world becomes manifest in the life of these beautiful creatures.  Quiet your mind and allow for a new experience to settle in as you plug into Winged Migration.

Nominated for the 2003 Best Documentary Feature Oscar as well as other awards, Winged Migration is truly a modern film achievement. The images are aesthetically appealing and profoundly calming so that viewers commonly replay it to enhance the home or office environment.

There's no presumption in this film so you don’t have to worry about being ‘instructed’ how to feel about birds or nature. Just sit back and take in the pure joy of flight and the appeal of the nature against the backdrop of humanity.  Here, the human impact is neither good nor bad but merely incidental against the larger theme of how birds themselves have a life of their own and exist in a world that transcends all judgment.   

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