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A Spielberg Masterpiece; Empire of the Sun

Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose
Recommended: Empire of the Sun
Recommended: Empire of the Sun

What if the world were exactly perfect just the way it was? Even amongst the pain of life, the wars, the pestilence and all the bad things that seem to happen to good people, what if the world were still somehow perfect? This is the hidden truth that is delivered in Spieleberg’s cinematic masterpiece; Empire of the Sun and which the viewer only needs to look a little deeper at to reach this profound message.

The movie begins with a lead in that eventually delivers a knockout punch over and over again. Set in the historical context of the Japanese invasion overseas, a young British expat by the name of Jamie (played by Christian Bale) is lost in the confusion of the military upheaval and can no longer locate his parents.  Seemingly a spoiled little boy with no means to take care of himself, he is forced into a prisoner camp where he must try to live out his childhood in the only way he knows how.

Reality proves to be hidden further beneath the surface than first recognized as the seemingly spoiled child, ‘born with a silver spoon in his mouth’, is much more resourceful than first expected. Maybe the world has a way of being more fair to people than we think?  The young British expat joins forces with another resourceful character ‘Basie’ (played by John Malcovich) who renames the young Jamie as ‘Jim” and is also surprised to see the hidden character behind the spoiled exterior of this tough hero. The two become great friends and endure the hardships of war together.

Empire of the Sun is a movie which transcends politics, social status and even the horrors of war to show that everyone is perfectly fit in their own place just as they should be. When the going gets tough, those with true character shine forth and this is the underlying theme behind a spectacular cinematic achievement first accomplished by Steven Spielberg in his early career.  

Based on the book by the same name, make sure and take a second look at Empire of the Sun and give this movie a chance to restore your faith in a world that often seems ridden with injustice and wrongful suffering. 

Empire of the Sun expresses quite elegantly that there is a higher order to all life and that everything exists perfectly in its place just as it was intended by the higher forces of life and the universe.  This is truly a profound message that everyone can benefit from and learn to live by.

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--In some ways Spielberg's

--In some ways Spielberg's most impressive effort -but done in by sappy, over-obvious, over-stated and contrived-seeming climaxes and a slushy score. ---We sure miss the likes of David Lean and William Alwyn, Alex North or Richard Addinsell on this one.

BTW -done as a pean to all things Chinese, and Asian at a time when Hollywood's franchise slum catering of history's --MOST-- awesomely genocidal regime was just getting underway. Scarcely a year later the world witnessed the Tiennamen Massacre -and since it's come to light that 70 million have been exterminated by that same regime -decades AFTER WWII ---in 'peacetime'. (TRUE!)

Hollywood, PC or otherwise, has had nothing to say about it all ---even as millions continue to suffer and die in silence -on this --the once again 'mysteriously overlooked' 60th Anniversary of the staggeringly relevant --STILL unfolding ---KOREAN WAR.

---Get the picture?

-GOOD ----now pass it on!


I have seen this movie many

I have seen this movie many times & still love everything about it