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Pulp Fiction Wins Best of the Worst

Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose
Recommended: Pulp Fiction
Recommended: Pulp Fiction

Whose up for the most shameless, apathetic degradation that only true art can offer to a hungry public?  Pulp Fiction wins the best of the worst film award for a production that single-handedly raised John Travolta’s rotting career from the dead and made him back into one of the biggest movie stars of the 21st Millenium. 

In the late 1990’s, this was the masterpiece work of Quentin Tarantino’s career which also changed the way movies are made and left “Generation Next” laughing until they cried.  Tarantino went on to make several more films and was hailed as a genius but nothing ever compared to this entirely unique film which first catapulted him into stardom.

Pulp Fiction is the story of two gangsters, Vincent and Jules (played by Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson) who are a seemingly ‘cultured duo’ but who encounter many humorous difficulties with their pride.  The two originally set out to collect on a deal gone bad for their gang leader Marsellus Wallace (played by Ving Rymes) and they encounter a seeming ‘miracle’ when their lives are spared from a sudden barrage of bullets in a small apartment building in Los Angeles. 

Being inspired by the miracle, Jules sets out to change his life but Vincent refuses to acknowledge the miracle and thereby encounters further problems along the way.  Through a series of ambiguous events which are simultaneously horrifying, shameless and humorous, the two gangsters live out their adventure intertwined amongst a series of other amazing characters, most notably Butch the Boxer (played by Bruce Willis) and Mia (played by Uma Thurman) who spice things up for the ‘cultured duo’ along the way. 

Vincent and Jules find their way though a circuitous path of moral degradation and, what is proposed to be, a final redemption at the end of this unspeakable chain of events.  

Don’t bring the kids to this one folks!  In fact, you may find your own innocence will be lost along the way as Pulp Fiction takes cinematic license far beyond what any “R” rated movie has ever done.  This is not for the squeamish or the lighthearted movie-goer even if the genre is intended to be funny. 

With a great backup cast including Christopher Walken, Harvey Keitel and Quentin Tarantino himself, this shocking and entirely unique movie wins the “Best of the worst” of all time.  The plot is well crafted and the dialogue is priceless even if you find you have lost your better nature along the way.  Leave the kids at home and only attend this film with your closest, most forgiving loved ones.  Pulp fiction is an artful masterpiece of unspeakable, shameless glory.

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I don't understand what the

I don't understand what the big deal about this movie is, i really don't and i'm being serious.. Everybody raves and rants about how this is their number one movie of all time, people still quote this movie today and talk about it as if its the best crime drama movie ever made.

I don't get it. Its NOT a good movie. AT ALL.

The story line is "post modern", so in other words it has no direction, no morals to impart, no story for its audience, no metaphors of significance, nothing to say. Its just a waste of time basically. It exists, just to exist. Its post modern and it does its job; its a POINTLESS movie.

People always say, the movie is so "REVOLUTIONARY" its a "MASTERPIECE", but really its just a nonlinear story line and it makes tons of references to pop culture and other cinema: SO WHAT??? THIS DOES NOT MAKE A GREAT MOVIE.

I could make a movie purely out of references to other movies that is not a linear movie. This does not make a movie amazing, earth shattering or any of the other crap that people make this movie to be.

The movie is over hyped, its damn boring half of the time. Half of the movie is just dialogue, and petty smalltalk at that too. Nothing of importance. The movie can be summed up into: stuff to give shock factor or just plain boring chit chat.

All the characters are sleazy no good assholes who go around shooting up drugs, killing people, stealing, raping or robbing. Why the hell would i have any type of emotional connection, relate to these characters, or even empathize with these lowlifes in ANY way?? Why the hell would ANYONE feel sorry or relate to these characters???

Are the people who relate the characters assholes with no morals? Or are they just dipshits with no class? I think they are a little of both. I was GLAD when John Travolta's character, Vincent, got murdered. He was a STUPID IDIOT doing retarded things throughout the whole movie and he was a fucking junkie as well; he deserved to die, that was probably the only satisfying part of this horrible movie.

Further more, people say this was a comedy????? Of what? A comedy of killing people?? WTF?? I only laughed five times at most throughout the ENTIRE FILM, and that was because i was thinking; wow, seriously?? This is what movie critiques are critiquing and saying is revolutionary and amazing?? This is COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP. ITS MOVIE SHIT.

I think now, more than ever, the realization that the mass public are drooling retarded douche bags has hit home. The mass public (and even the so called movie critiques)say its amazing for no GODDAMN REASON. They list why its a unique movie(how the story line is non linear, how there are pop culture references) but not why its a GOOD MOVIE. Let me REITERATE: JUST BECAUSE A MOVIE IS UNIQUE DOES NOT MEAN ITS GOOD. Its won awards in foreign places as well as in America for being a mindless, boring, violent, stupid, and overall just pointless film.

It just really goes to show how moronic and stupid the majority of people are; as long as it has gratuitous violence, drugs, and no thinking involved, no moral or deep aspect to it, people will eat that shit up and shove it down their throats.

This movie will not make you think about morals, this movie will not make you think about the characters, it will not make you think about anything, its for retarded idiots that like seeing mindless crap.

My point is, i don't understand what people like about this horrible piece of shit movie. Somebody PLEASE explain its redeeming qualities, because i don't get it.

People who say this movie is godly and amazing can stick their shit down their throats, because that's basically what they are doing anyways. All these people saying this movie is amazing are full of shit. There is no point to this movie. Everyone in the movie is an asshole. Its NOT a comedy in any way. The movie is so stupid its mind boggling how retards can manage to call this "a complex film", i imagine they have a hard time breathing and talking at the same time.

This movie can be summed up in one word: Immature. It panders to immature audiences that like to see drugs, violence and swearing. Too damn bad theirs so many fuck ups in this world.