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French Film, The Big Blue, Raises Spiritual Enlightenment

Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose
Recommended: The Big Blue
Recommended: The Big Blue

The greatest achievements of art and spirituality are often missed by the general public and The Big Blue is the primary example of this phenomenon in our modern age.  Written and directed by Luc Besson, this is a film that the majority of the public has yet to recognize for its true gifts. In fact, The Big Blue holds the most profound truth ever to be displayed on a piece of film and I will now explain to you why.

The film portrays a true life story of the famous free diver Jacques Mayol who, in the allegory of the film’s context, has a special relationship with the sea. The relationship is largely lost to the casual viewer who may miss the allegory of the ocean as a symbol for higher Consciousness.  In fact, Jacques Mayol seeks to dive deeper into the ‘sea of consciousness’ than any man has ever done and, in seeking his life’s goal, he must forsake the love of his closest companions for the love of that higher Consciousness ‘the Big Blue’.

The story begins with the early childhood of Mayol (played by Jean-Marc-Barr) who struggles with his friend and rival Enzo (played by Jean Reno) to become the best diver.  Jacques tragically loses his father early on in the movie and this incident becomes part of a developing pattern for him where he is forced to contend with the challenges of the sea later in life.  These challenges, which simultaneously represent a challenge to his soul and his emerging consciousness, come to a climax as he matures in his love relationship with Johanna (played by Rosanna Arquette). 

As Jacques matures, his relationship with Enzo also develops until their friendship results in a tragic break similar to th break he experienced with his father at a young age.  The psychological dimensions of this movie are commonly overlooked by the casual observer but the beauty of the cinematography is not missed. 

Slow motion photography and the underwater beauty of the film are enough to bring many viewers to tears and to call forward the deeper subconscious meanings that this film holds firmly in its womb for only the most sensitive of viewers to truly appreciate.  

The Big Blue deserves a second glance by those who may have missed its deeper meanings on the first viewing.  There is a profound truth waiting beneath the surface and only a bit of added mediations and conscious awareness will reveal much greater gifts in this film than were first apparent.  Give the Big Blue a second look when you are browsing through the video store this week.  This is a spiritual gem that is worth a second look.

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