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The Breakfast Club

Paul Ambrose
Paul Ambrose
Recommended: The Breakfast Club
Recommended: The Breakfast Club

This is the definitive teen movie of all time. The Breakfast Club is a classic film which follows five high school teenagers on a Saturday morning detention stint which soon causes them to realize that they have more in common than first meets the eye.

The film has become a cult classic and has had a tremendous influence on many coming-of-age films as well as launching the careers of all five stars into a much greater level of fame.

As the day begins at “Shermer High School”, the five students encounter each other as complete strangers, all be it for the exception of having seen each other in the hallways and hearing certain stereotypical ideas about one another over the years.

Claire (played by Molly Ringwald) is a wealthy, extremely popular and spoiled girl who was caught skipping school to go shopping at the mall. Andrew (played by Emilio Estevez) is a varsity wrestler who was caught taping a fellow student's buttocks together in the locker room. Brian (Played by Anthony Michael Hall) is a brainy nerd who had brought a flare gun to school that accidentally discharged in his locker. John Bender (played by Judd Nelson) is a repeat criminal/ troublemaker who is almost always in detention and whose most recent infraction includes pulling the fire alarm at the school. Finally, Allison (played by Ally Sheedy) is a misfit, kleptomaniac, and self-described "compulsive liar".

The students pass the hours in detention by harassing each other, telling stories, fighting, smoking marijuana and generally speaking on a variety of relevant teen subjects. Gradually they open themselves up to each other and reveal their most inner secrets.

Despite their differences, they find that they are all quite similar and actually come to fear that the end of detention will mean the end of their new found identities. Will they return to their very stereotypical cliques when school resumes the next week or has something actually changed the members of the Breakfast Club forever?

The Breakfast Club was ranked number 1 on Entertainment Weekly's list of the 50 Best High School Movies of all time. In addition, its theme song titled "Don't You (Forget About Me)", performed by Simple Minds, reached #1 on the U.S.

Hot 100 in 1985. This is the quintessential teen angst film that spurned all the others which came after it. Certainly this is a must see if you have any teenagers of your own or if you were ever a teen yourself. The Breakfast Club is a big winner to say the least and a must see.

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