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The Only Shaving Razor Made in New Zealand

Goodfella safety razor
Goodfella safety razor
double edged safety razors by Goodfella

Kiwishaver Limited have designed and now manufacture this unique safety razor in New Zealand. The design is based on the classic de razor that was created in the 1920's by Gillette.

Double edged safety razors, also know as de razors, are perfect for anyone wanting the classic, old school, wet shaving experience that their grandfather enjoyed. By orchestrating computer aided design and selecting modern durable materials Kiwishaver created a product of today’s technology. The double edged razor is perfectly balanced to deliver a smooth and close yet mild shave by allowing the weight of the shaver to deliver the razor blade at the optimum cutting angle.

The result is a true wet shave leaving you well groomed with your skin looking and feeling great, free from irritation.

Thousands of kiwi fellas are now enjoying the benefits of shaving with a classic double edged safety razor thanks to the Goodfella.

Buy the Goodfella double edged razor to ensure that you get a great shave free from skin irritations. Take your pick between the classic chrome double edged safety razor and the stylish satin black. Visit the website to find out more at

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