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Lost Spring Spa - Coromandel

Located in Whitianga township, The Lost Spring offers a thermal hot water and spa experience. And prepare to be surprised when you turn off a residential street and enter the gateway to a lush tropical garden, which gives a serene and private setting for the restaurant, hot pools and spa complex. Read more...

Hell’s Gate and Wai Ora Spa - Rotorua

Hell’s Gate and Wai Ora Spa - Rotorua
Hells Gate and Wai Ora Spa is approximately 18km and 20 minutes drive east of town. The name is apt as the geothermal reserve is highly suggestive of an end-of-the-world scene - except the 45 minute walk comes complete with signage and a map. Read more...

Ima Spa - Nelson

Ima Spa - Nelson
Whenever I holiday I love to start out with a massage to get me relaxed and out of work mode. Just walking in I could immediately tell Ima Spa fit the bill perfectly, with the delicious lemongrass aromatherapy and calming environment. Read more...