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How to Zoom Through Airport Security

Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea.   Let’s talk about travel.  If you’re like me, you do a lot of flying.  As you can imagine, my job on the Daily Idea takes me to a lot of exotic places like Paris, Rome and Branson.  Today we thought we’d give you some tips on trav Read more...

How to Talk to Your Cat

Sure you talk to your cat now, but does he know what the heck you’re saying?  And do you understand his purrs and meows?  If not, it’s time to have a good chat with your furry friend.  You will need a willingness to look silly, attention to pay to his sounds and a working knowledge of cat bod Read more...

How to Stop Your Cat Scratching

Cats love to scratch.  It’s a way to mark their territory but it may end up damaging your furniture as well.   Read more...

How to Select Food For Your Cat

Cats can be pretty finicky eaters but pet parents can be pretty finicky too.  Hi, I’m Doctor Robin and this is Tiger.  Today I’m going to explain the benefits of advanced nutrition food.   Read more...

How to Litter Train a Cat

How to Litter Train a Cat
Mother cats often train their kittens to use a litter box so a new cat may already be housebroken.  If not, don’t worry.  Cats are quick studies.   Step one: Read more...