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Recommended Ways To Use Mint


There are so many ways that you can use mint in awesome summer time beverages.  I’m going to show you another one today.  I’m going to make some sun brewed ice tea.  I’m going to use sprigs of mint, tea bags, fresh lemon juice, fresh lemons, sugar and then I’m going to put them all together in here and let them brew in the sun for about four to six hours.  

The first things I have to do is cut up some lemons and make some lemon juice, I have eight ounces of lemon juice here that I’m just going to put to the side.  Now that I’m done squeezing the lemons, I’m going to add all of the tea into this jar.  

I’m using a traditional flavored tea, you can be much more creative and use maybe white tea or maybe peach tea.  There are so many different flavors that you can get.  I’m using about 30 bags with a six quart container.  Then I’m going to put my mint in, next I’m going to put my sugar.  I’m using organic sugar and I’m adding in about one cup.  I know you southerners down there, you love your sweet tea so feel free to add as much sugar as you want.

Now I’m going to add the lemon juice.  Perfect, now I’m going to mix it up.  I want the sugar to dissolve in the water.  This is going to be so tasty, I’m going to put the cover on top and I’m going to move this to a very sunny spot for about four to six hours.  

I’ve been waiting all day to taste my sun brewed tea and the time is now.  Delicious, refreshing, icy, organic, fresh, so many different adjectives, I’m really excited.  I hope that you try to make your own sun brewed ice tea also.

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