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How to Zoom Through Airport Security


Hi, I’m Nikki Key and you’re watching the Daily Idea.   Let’s talk about travel.  If you’re like me, you do a lot of flying.  As you can imagine, my job on the Daily Idea takes me to a lot of exotic places like Paris, Rome and Branson.  Today we thought we’d give you some tips on traveling more efficiently. 

You can thank me the next time you land in St. Louis and your luggage ends up in St. Maarten.  Pack a carry-on bag but don’t over pack.  If your bag needs to be opened during inspection it will speed things up re-closing it if it’s not busting at the seams.  No one likes a lady playing luggage Tetris while everyone waits.  I’ve been stopped for an inspection because my bag was too full and the agent couldn’t see everything through the x-ray machine.  Wear footwear that is less likely to require removal for inspection including thin-soled sandals or sneakers.  Wear shoes that are easily removable to help speed you through the process.  Your tired feet and everyone else in line will thank you -- although probably not personally.  That would be weird.  

Remember to put your toiletry and personal items in clear plastic bags.  This will reduce the chance that a TSA screener will have to handle them.  Passengers are allowed liquid items in three ounce containers but these items must fit in one quart-sized plastic bag.  Just remember to take this container out of your bag and place in a separate bin.  Place all metal items in your carry on bag -- things like cell phones, Blackberries, keys and any loose change, including those weird dollar coins no one likes.  Laptops and video cameras must be removed from your bag and put in their own bin.  If you set off the alarm on the metal detector you’ll be delayed for additional screening and it’s possible your coworkers will start a rumor about there being a plate in your head.  Remember to have your items in the appropriate place before you reach the front of the line.  Many people wait until it is their turn to start shuffling through bags, emptying pockets, and taking off various items of clothing.  Be considerate of others and plan ahead.  Remember these tips next time you fly and you’ll reach your departing gate with time to spare.  That’s another Daily Idea.   

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