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How to Stop Your Cat Scratching

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Cats love to scratch.  It’s a way to mark their territory but it may end up damaging your furniture as well.  

Hi, I’m Dr. Robin and this is Patty and Julio.  We’re going to show you a couple ways to manage scratching.  The first is nail clipping.  It often works best to do a few nails at a time rather than trying to trim all of them at once.  Ideally this is also a two person job.  

Place your cat on a worktable or in an area where he doesn’t normally spend a lot of time.   Put a bathmat or a towel on the table so that it doesn’t become slippery.  

Have one person gently hold the cat while the other person does the trimming.  Put mild pressure on the base of the nail to make it protrude.  Snip off the sharp, pointy portion avoiding the pink area.  If you accidentally clip this area, moisten a cotton swab and dip it into the styptic powder.  Apply the powder to the base of the nail to stop the bleeding.   You should trim your cat’s nails as needed but most cats require a trim about every two weeks.  Remember, if you trim your cat’s nails frequently you will only need to remove the tips.  

Another option you can try is nail covers.  They allow your cat to scratch without damaging your furniture and can last for several months.  Again, this works best with two people.  Trim your cat’s nails before applying the covers and make sure the nails are completely dry.  

Have one person hold the cat while the other person applies the covers.  Once the covers have been applied allow time for them to dry.  Finally, a last alternative is to give your cat a healthy outlet like a scratching post.  When it comes to scratching, a little care can go a long way toward keeping your territory from being their territory.  

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