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How To Clean Your Garden Tools

Recommended: How To Clean Your Garden Tools
Recommended: How To Clean Your Garden Tools

If you live in one of those clements where you’re not doing much gardening during the winter months then you defiantly want to clean them up and its important how you put them away.  If I were a perfect gardener I would be cleaning all the dirt off every time but I have to tell you, I go into the garden, I use my shovel and it has dirt on it.  When I’m putting them away for the winter then I want to get all the dirt off.

The first thing that we’re going to do is just hose them down.  You want to do this really well and I’ve got the hose here and I’m just going to really give them a good stream and really clean off the dirt on this shovel here.  There are all sorts of dirt in the crevices, nooks and crannies.  Just make sure that you get all the dirt off here.  I’m just going to dry off this shovel here and get all the water off.  The next thing that I’m going to do and you may notice while you’re doing this that you still have some dirt.  If you do, just reclean it.  There is some rust on this shovel and I want to be sure that I get that off as I go into winter.  

What I’ve got here is a piece of steel wool and if any of the places where I notice that there is a significant rust, I’m basically going to just take the still wool and take that rust off.  The steel wool will really work well to get the rust off of this shovel, you don’t want to leave rust on a metal tool all winter long.  It’s just not good, it’s going to break down the metal.  I will continue to kind of just check this shovel over.  Since I have been doing this for the past few years and I’m pretty diligent about the rust, this shovel has lasted a long time.  This is well over a decade old, the blade is still pretty good.  Now the shovel is dry and clean and I’m going to preserve it for the winter.  

What I want to do is, I want to put on a little bit of oil.  The oil that I’m going to use is just a common household oil.  You could use WD40, this is just a three in one oil and I’m just going to put a few drops of this right on the shovel, just a little bit.  If you’re a cook and after you’ve cleaned out your wok, you oil it, it’s kind of the same principle.  You just want to put a little bit on the shovel and just wipe it on.  All winter long this will really sit and help protect this shovel and you can see what a great shine it gives it.  Now my shovel is all nice and clean and ready to be hung up and put away for the winter.

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