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Five of the hottest FREE Travel Apps

Alex Bell
Alex Bell

The mere notion of travelling and seeing the world sparks excitement in most of us. We love to taste new environments and stimulate our senses. However, leaving home doesn't come without challenges.

Different countries and cities have their own rules, customs and layouts. All of these can be hard to navigate without plenty of research beforehand. But do not fear, the travel app is here. They basically exist to make our lives, and our holidays, that much easier. A short-cut to peace of mind. Below are five of the hottest FREE travel apps for iPhone & Android users:

  • Motorhome Republic

  • Jetlag Genie

  • Foodspotting

  • Air NZ

  • Wi-Fi Finder

Motorhome & Campervan App - Motorhome Republic



The holiday process often starts with booking transport and accommodation. Even with the internet and information highway, scouring online to find the best deal on a rental vehicle takes time and effort. Apps such as Motorhome Republic (also available on Android) do the work for you, hunting down the applicable options at just the touch of a button - and maybe a few swipes. Motorhome Republic offers a range of suppliers in 450 locations over 25 countries, putting countless potential rentals at your fingertips. Its simple user interface takes the hassle out of booking, and it's backed up by the buying power and customer service teams of Motorhome Republic, which have been in the business for many years. It's also free!




Airport and Flight App - Jetlag Genie



Getting to your destination could mean flying halfway around the world and it can be hard to adjust. Never fear, there's an app to help! The Jetlag Genie for iPhone creates a plan of action to beat your fatigue. Entering your flight times and destinations gives you a plan, devising the best time to sleep, wake up, take a nap, get some sun, take melatonin and change the time on your watch. A unique idea - and at $3.79, certainly worth the investment.




Food and Dining App - Foodspotting



Eating local cuisine is one of the best ways to experience a destination. When you arrive in a new city, the choices are many and your insider knowledge could be minimal, so download the free Foodspotting app, available on iPhone or Android. Just enter the type of food you are craving and the app will tell you where to find it, along with pictures and recommendations from users - very handy. Being able to see photos of the dishes also makes your decision so much easier. And once you have tried the fare, add your own pictures and reviews. This is a great app for foodies and picky eaters.




Air NZ Mobile App - Air NZ



The Air New Zealand app makes it easy to book and keep track of your flights on one of the most respected airlines in the world. Make a booking easily with the simple and navigable app. Ready to go? You can pull up your travel details in seconds, including seat and gate numbers, and check in well in advance to avoid hassles at the airport. Air New Zealand is truly committed to helping you get off the ground, with the app even offering local weather and predicted travel times so you can plan your trip to the airport.





Wi-Fi Finder App



Last, but certainly not least, free Wi-Fi is a godsend for travellers, as overseas data charges are generally pretty expensive. The free Wi-Fi Finder app for iPhone and Android is an ideal way of sniffing out any available internet connections in cafes, hotels or public areas. It can give you directions to the spot and filter by provider or location type.






The world of travel apps is huge and these are just a few of the most helpful. Your mobile device can take the hassle out of travelling, leaving just the best and most exciting bits - scenery to take your breath away, back streets of a strange city, locals who introduce you to a different way of life and the joy of leaving your comfort zone behind.

Alex Bell is the Digital Content Editor for Motorhome Republic. He enjoys travelling and is passionate about football and exotic food. You can follow him on the company Linkedin account here or Facebook.

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